The Good Sex Network

A new online service has been created for people in all regions of the world who need help with a sexual problem but are unable to access conventional sex therapy due to political, social or religious circumstances. This service is especially useful in the Arab Muslim world, or in Muslim regions of Africa and Asia. We also target India and China, as well as Catholic nations such as Brazil and the Philippines. But, really, anyone anywhere who has difficulty finding a sex therapist can turn to The Good Sex Network for help. All they need is a Personal Computer with high speed Internet access.

The key to our service is the application of video therapy, whereby therapeutic videos prescribed by the Medical Director (Dr. Frank G. Sommers) are streamed over the Internet for private viewing at your convenience.

The service is 100 percent confidential. Our website is 100 percent secure, using SSL software. And no financial information of any sort is stored on our web servers.

Dr. Frank Sommers is an internationally renowned sex therapist. He is also a psychiatrist who specializes in sexology, a qualification that is rarely found among the so-called “sex therapists” who advertise themselves on the Internet.

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The Good Sex Network is a division of Pathway Productions Inc.


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